Counted cross stitch kit – Vase with Roses

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryIn this article we will present you a new counted cross stitch kit designed by Gobelins Tapestry Kits, you can find it in the Flower section of our website.

This cross stitch set was created after a Paul De Longre painting, he was a French painter that lived between 1855 and 1911. Born in Lyon, France, De Longpre became a painter by self teaching himself, he had managed to bind his talent with the scientific painting, his works presenting a high level of detail especially considering his time period.




Losing most of his money due to the bankruptcy of a local bank, De Longpre decided to emigrate in Los Angeles, US, here he had the luck of being discovered by two of the creators of Hollywood, Daeida and H.H. Wilcox, they wanted to attract stylish culture to their city, and decided to give De Longre a house to live there with his family, a section of the house being transformed in an art gallery where he used to exhibit his new works of art, this way their value and reputation become quickly acknowledged due to the rapid development of Hollywood.


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Hollywood Boulevard passes over a part of what used to be his domain, and in his memory a street and a park now bears De Longre’s name.

The counted cross stitch design size is 25 x 37,7 centimeters, and 61 different shades of the Coats-Puppets palette will be used to complete the tapestry.

You can find this counted cross stitch set searching for the code 727 on our website, or by accessing the following link:  Counted cross stitch kit – Vase with Roses.

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