Counted cross stitch set – Roses by C. Klein

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryIn this article we will present you another cross stitch kit designed by us, it’s name is Roses and it’s inspired by a painting of Catharina Klein, German painter that lived between 1861 and 1929.

Because of World War I, publicists preferred to use the name Christine Klein, and recommended her to sign hers works with C.Klein, so that her paintings become appealing to English public, so hiding the artists German origins.




Chatharin’s paintings wore replicated in millions of postal cards, book covers, commercial advertisements and stamps. During her life she painted over 1000 paintings.

Although she was one of the most prolific painters of hers period, only a small amount of hers works survived to our days, the main motive being that most of the buildings holding hers paintings wore bombarded during first and second world war.


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When it’s completed, the counted cross stitch tapestry Roses will have 22.5 centimeters width and 33.5 centimeters height, and completing it requires 44 different colored threads Coats-Puppets brand.

You can find this set searching by code 167 on our website or accessing the following link: Counted cross stitch set – Roses by C. Klein

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