Counted Cross Stitch Kit – Maslenitsa

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryDear members of our cross stitch community, in this article we present you another kit designed by us, it’s name is Maslenitsa and was designed from a painting of Peter Nicolaevick. 

The Russian name of Peter Nicolaevick is  Pyotr Nikolayevich Gruzinskyhe was a Georgian prince with inclinations for painting, that lived in the XIX-th century, between 1837 and 1892.




The leitmotif of this design is Maslenitsa, an ancient Russian Holiday that celebrates the imminent ending of winter. Maslenitsa is also called the Winter Holiday, a time when friends and relatives gather together. Traditionally the feasts leftovers are thrown into fire, and it’s ash is buried under the snow, symbolizing the fertilization of crops.

In soviet period, Maslenitsa, like all religious celebrations, was officially forbidden, but continued to be celebrated individually, people sharing food with other families. With Perestroika’s debut, Maslenitsa restarted to be celebrated officially, but many say that it doesn’t have the same emotional and social impact.


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Archaeology proved that Maslenitsa is the oldest Russian religious celebration, dating from second century BC.

This counted cross stitch set can be found on our website in the Landscapes section.

It’s size is 48 x 30 centimeters, and it’s number of colors is 76, this big number of colors transforms the completed tapestry in a painting, we can say a painting with cross stitch needle. 

You can find this kit searching by code 941 on our website or accessing the following link:  Counted Cross Stitch Kit – Maslenitsa.

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