Counted cross stitch kit – Roses by Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryIn this article we will present you another counted cross stitch kit that starting with the year 2015 belongs to Gobelins Tapestry Kits catalog, it’s name is Roses and it’s created after a painting of the Austrian painter Ferdinand Georg Waldmullerpainter that lived in the first half of XIX-th century, between 1793 and 1865.





Waldmullers’s paintings inspired generations of painters, and the level of details applied to his paintings is very high for the time period he lived in. Despite his wonderful talent, during his lifespan Waldmuller was in permanent conflict with Art Academy from Austria because of their difference of opinion regarding the training of young artist. The academy forced him to retire in 1853, the motive being represented by the publishing his opinion on young artists education.


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At long last Waldmuller was reinstated in academy’s circles and in 1865 he was decorated with a Knight rank.

The counted cross stitch presented on our website has 58 carefully selected colors, so that the completed tapestry best represents the original painting.

It has a generous size, 30 centimeters width and 35,5 centimeters high, the cross stitch symbols are manually selected so they create a high visual contrast, easing your work.

The code of the cross stitch set is 746  and can be found on our website in the Flowers section, or by accessing the following link: Counted cross stitch kit – Roses by Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller.

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