Counted Cross Stick Set – Sunflowers Vase

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryIn this article we will present you another counted cross stitch set designed by Gobelins Tapestry Kits, it’s name is Sunflowers Vase and can be found the the Flowers section of our website.

A popular Romanian legend says that Stefan Voda had a beautiful daughter but she was mute. He was counseled by the wisest men and best with doctors of it’s time, still the girl remained mute.


In a summer day an old woman came to Voda and advised him to organize a feast and invite the Sun, to honor him and to the end of the feast to send his daughter to ask him for a kiss, this way Voda’s dear daughter will regain hers voice.


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So Voda gladly prepares a great feast, but the Jinx found about his plans and in an attempt to tangle with Voda’s plans set of to Sunset Land to find mistress of the night and complain to her about the Sun’s infidelity. She’s winning that she doesn’t understand why the Sun always is running away letting her alone.

Through dubious words and lies the Jinx succeeds to convince the Moon that the Sun loves Voda’s daughter.

In the night before the feast Moon hides under a forest close to Voda’s castle so that when she spots her enemy she’ll crush her.

The Sun, a beautiful knight with glowing hair, was enjoying Voda’s feast. To the end of the feast Voda’s daughter fell to her knees and begs the Sun for a kiss, furious the Moon, breaks through the palace windows and crushes the girls face with a rain of courses, melting her face in a the form of a yellow flower.


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The old king, transfigured by pain confessed everything to the Moon and Sun. In a blindly rage the Sun banished his wife, then takes the girl and places her in his garden, with all his treasures, so that will have her close to him. Since then, the Sun Flower, with hers yellow and grieving face, always turns to the brightness of the Sun, begging for a kiss.

When it’s completed the counted cross stitch tapestry will have 41 centimeters width and 29 centimeters high, and for completing it you will use 46 different colored threads for Coats-Puppets palette.

You can find this counted cross stitch set searching by the code 148 on our website or accessing the following link: Counted Cross Stick Set – Sunflowers Vase.

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