Counted cross stitch kit – Roses by Jean Frans van Dael

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryDear visitor of our blog and website, in this article we will present you a new counted cross stitch kit made that we designed, it’s name is Roses and you can find it in our Flowers category.





The design was created from a painting made by Jean Frans van Dael, a Flemish painter that lived between 1764 and 1840. He was on of the most famous painters of his time, and his painting wore ordered by the firs Empress of France, Josephine Bonaparte, who owned five of his paintings. Also Marie-Louise Bonaparte, Napoleon’s second wife and Empress of France, ordered painting made by Dael.


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Dael’s works represent a mixture of sober composition and attention to details, floral motives being his favorite. Between 1793 and 1833 Dael’s paintings wore regularly displayed at the Paris Salon and in Netherlands art galleries.

When is completed, the cross stitch tapestry will have 31.5 centimeters width and 38 centimeters height, and in this design there are used 35 colors from the Coats-Puppets palette.

You can find the counted cross stitch kit on our website searching by code 172 or accessing the following link: Counted cross stitch kit – Roses by Jean Frans van Dael

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