Counted cross stitch set – Poppies Vase

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryDear visitors of our cross stitch blog, in this article we will present you another kit designed by Gobelins Tapestry kits, it’s name is Poppies Vase and can be found in the Flower section of our website.

The leitmotif of this cross stitch design is represented by poppies, flower associated by ancient Greeks with Morpheus, the God of Dreams. To communicate with Morpheus, mere mortals had to drink several cups of poppies tea.




Morpheus lived in a special world, a world completely detached from reality, a world of fantasy and dreams. His destiny was to live and rule the land of the dreams, his mother was Nix, the Goddess of  night and dark creatures, and his father, Hypnosis was the governor of sleep.


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Because of it’s properties, in most ancient cultures poppies wore associated with sleep and dreams.

When it’s completed the counted cross stitch tapestry – Poppies Vase – will be 23 centimeters width, 30 centimeters high and 43 shades of the Coats-Puppets color palette will be used for completing it.

You can find this set searching by code 143 on our website or accessing the following link: Counted cross stitch set – Poppies Vase.

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