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sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryDear cross stitch lovers, we have the pleasure of presenting you another free counted cross stitch charts.



Bunny 2 3 4 5 6  symbols thread necessary


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How to cross stitch instructions

 Use only Coats-Puppets threads and 25 Count Canvas (squared – 10 by 10 stitches per square centimeter).  Set the cloth (canvas) on a frame.

 When working on your cross stitch kit, stitch using French points (classic point, tent stitch), using only two threads from the six threads of the skein.

 Each symbol on the chart represents a point on the canvas. The A4 format charts are easy to work with. Pay attention with the more complex models so that you don’t displace the colors.

 You should use a special cross stitch needle, number 24 with a rounded peak.

 Use the residue threads and don’t “step” on the back on the tapestry. Try to end the thread on the back of the tapestry, for better results you should bind two or three charts and continue with the threads from one side to another.

 Don’t wash or iron your completed tapestry.

 We have cross stitch tutorials on our YouTube channel: youtube.com/setgoblen, you can also ask for help on our facebook and google plus communities: fb.com/gobelinstapestry and google.com/+gobelinstapestrykits
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