Counted Cross Stitch Kit – Basket of Flowers

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryIn this article we will present you another counted cross stitch kit designed by Gobelins Tapestry Kits, it’s name is Basket of Flowers and can be found in the Flower section of our website.  

The subject of this model is represented by a bouquet of daisies carefully placed in a wood basket.


basket-of-flowers (1)


In the Norwegian mythology the daisy is associated with Freya, the goddess of love, here the daisy is a symbol of love, sensuality and fertility. Also for Norwegian people, the daisy is associated with maternity and childhood, symbolizing innocence and purity.


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A Roman legend says that Vertumn, the Roman god of seasons, agriculture and gardens, fell in love with Belinde, a young nymph. Belinde wouldn’t cave in to Vertumn’s charms, avoiding and rejecting him. With time Vertumn’s love turns obsessive and aggressive and choosing not to attract attention any more Belinde transformed her self in a field of daisies. This being the origin of the word daisy in Latin, bellio meaning beautiful.

When it’s completed this counted cross stitch tapestry will be 26 centimeters width and 21,5 centimeters high, also it will have in it’s composition 43 shades of the Coats-Puppets color palette.

You can find this kit searching by code 108 on our website or accessing the following link: Counted Cross Stitch Kit – Basket of Flowers.


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