Counted cross stitch kit – Rose Basket

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Dear cross stitch lovers, in this article we will present you another counted cross stitch kit designed by us, it’s name is Rose Basket and you can find it in the Flowers section of our website.

The leitmotif of this cross stitch design is roses, they flow from a rectangular shaped basket that is placed in the design’s center. The background is neuter, with dark and bright shades distributed on the diagonal, this makes the colorful roses to stand our.





An ancient Greek legend says that the flower goddess Chloris created the rose seed from the ash of a nimph, then asked the other gods to contribute to it’s creation, so Zeus gave life to the rose, Afrodita gave it beauty, Dionysus sank the rose in nectar, giving it a pleasant odor. The Three Graces gave it charm, brightness and joy, the Zephyr, the god of wind cleared the sky so that Apollo could shine over the rose seed, making it to blossom, immediately after this The Rose was crowned the King of Flowers.


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This kit has the code 747, and can be found in the Flower section of our website or by accessing the following link: Counted cross stitch kit – Rose Basket.

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