Free Counted Cross Stitch Charts – Roses Twig

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryBecause we love cross stitch patterns and encourage this art form, we are continuing to publish free cross stitch charts.

The model published in this post is named Roses Twig, it has 40 colors for the Coats-Puppets palette and has 25 x 19.8 cm. On the images published by us you will find the thread necessary and the codes of the colors in the cross stitch tapestry (Coats-Puppets threads). We also strongly recommend the 25 Count Cloth when working on the cross stitch tapestry.

Roses Twig



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thread necessary symbols charts order chart15 chart14 chart13 chart12 chart11 chart10 chart9 chart8 chart7 chart6 chart5 chart4 chart3 chart2 chart1


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