Counted cross stitch kit – Children in snowy landscape

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryDear cross stitch lovers, today we will present the cross stitch kit Children in snowy landscapewhich is present on our website from the beginning  of the year 2015, and it’s created after a painting made by William Mason Brown, american painter that lived in the XIX-th century, between 1828 and 1898.

Brown is one of the most important american painters in the XIX-th century, he was renowned for his meticulous way of painting details.


The subject of this counted cross stitch kit is the cold season, and the way children love winter. On a snow covered plain, the two explorers accompanied by their pet dog, start a small childhood expedition, drifting from their homes that can be barely seen in the background.


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The painter lays on canvas a beautiful and mild winter, although the snow is abundant, the fact that the river is not frozen suggests a positive temperature, and progressively the grey clouds are replaced with a serene sky.

When it’s completed, the cross stitch tapestry will have 35 centimeters width and 23.3 centimeters height, the number of colors used in this design is 45, and the charts are A4 with clear legible symbols.

This kit can be found on our website in the Landscapes category, searching by code 946 or accessing the following link:  Counted cross stitch kit – Children in snowy landscape

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