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sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryDear members of our Cross Stitch Community, in this article we will preset you another counted cross stitch kit designed by us, it’s name is Pansies, and you can find it in the Flowers category of our website.

Pansy is the flower of love and beautiful thoughts, it inspires and makes you meditate. In Victorian period, when courting a girl in public was looked at as rude practice, the young English boys used the pansy as a way of expressing their love sentiments towards the chosen girl.




From ancient times the pansy was associated with personal reflection and communication, it’s name deriving from the Latin pensare, which means to ponder, examine, weight out. 


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The pansy symbolizes the love and admiration of a person towards another, and it’s the flower used to represent numerous charity foundations around the world.

When it’s completed, the counted cross stitch tapestry Pansies will have 33.5 centimeters width and 26.55 centimeters height, also the tapestry contains 33 different colors from the Coats-Puppets palette. 

The counted cross stitch kit cod Pansies has the code 504 and can be found accessing the following link: Cross stitch kit (counted) – Pansies.

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