Counted Cross Stitch Kit – The Teamster

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryIn this article we will present you the counted cross stitch kit The Teamsterit belongs to our catalog from the year 2005.

This set was inspired from a painting created by Alfred Kowalskipolish painter that lived between 1849 and 1915. Kowalski studied painting at Munich School, place where is settled.




His paintings received countless awards at art galleries is United States and Germany. Although some of his paintings are displayed at Polish art museums, most of his work belong to German private collections.

This cross stitch design captures a moving scene, the teamster leads his horses to the field works. In background we observe an old house on top of a hill, and the muddy ground and grey sky suggest that all’s happening in autumn.


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Through this image, Kowalski manages to capture in his painting the hard life of peasants in XIX-th century, period when he lived.

This counted cross stitch kit has the code 969 and can be found in the Landscapes category of our website or by accessing the following link: Counted Cross Stitch Kit – The Teamster

When it’s completed, this tapestry will be 30 centimeters width and 20 centimeters high. The kit contains 38 different colored Coats-Puppets threads, and to complete it you’ll use black and white cross stitch charts, with carefully chosen symbols so that they create a big visual contrast, easing your work.

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