Counted cross stitch kit – Lilies

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryIn this article we will present you another counted cross stitch set designed by Gobelins Tapestry kits it’s name is Lilies and can be found on the Flower section of our website.

The subject of this design is represented by the lily, these are carefully placed in a basket with two green bows.

The lily is the most suitable to be handed as a gift in May, there are both beautiful and elegant.




Lilies, named in the Bible The lily from the valley, brings a sentiment of joy when it’s given to. For Christianity it represents a holy gift, bringing the triumph of justice. In Japan, the lily is is symbol of rebirth, and for Celts it’s a wedding flower, because in May took place all the weddings that wore considered happy and  fortunate.

One legend says that the lily never blossoms before the arrival of the nightingale, her blossom being a gift to the bird with divine chimes.


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When it’s completed, this counted cross stitch tapestry will be 24 centimeters width, 37,5 centimeters high, and completing it requires 43 different colored threads from the Coats-Puppets palette, threads that are present in the kit.

It’s code is 723 and you can find it by accessing the following link: Counted cross stitch kit – Lilies.

All our kits contain all the elements required for completing a beautiful, high quality counted cross stitch tapestry.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products, please contact us using the email address or phone number presented on our website.

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