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sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryOur company provides all the materials needed for realizing a excellent cross stitch tapestry. Most of our cross stitch designs have a difficulty above average, but the result will be fulfilling, rewarding you for your effort. The gobelin resulted will resemble a real painting, that is why we like to call our cross stitch designs, paintings with the needle. We also have on our website cross stitch designs for beginners, with less colors and lower sewing complexity.


Cross Stitch Elements

The canvas we use is squared 10×10 stitches per square centimeter and will be set on the cross stitch frame. We recommend using both of your hands during work and using big frames that you can rest on big objects, like sofas or chairs. In order that you’ll obtain a high quality result, please stitch using French points (classic points), using only two threads from the six threads provided. Each symbol on the chart represents a stitch on the canvas. The A4 format charts are easy to work with. Pay attention with the more complex models so that you don’t mistake the colors.


The needle provided is a special cross stitch needle, number 24 with a rounded peak.


The needle with the small ball on its end is intended for use, helping you track the symbols on the cross stitch chart.



Use the threads wisely, don’t waste them, although you have 30% extra threads in your cross stitch kit, if you see a smaller amount of thread on a symbol card, that means there are only a few points with that color.  Use the residue threads and don’t “step” on the back on the tapestry. Try to end the thread on the back of the tapestry, for a better result you should bind two or three charts and continue with the threads from one side to another.


Don’t wash or iron your finished tapestry.


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