Free Cross Stitch Charts – Daisy Duck

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryDear cross stitch lovers, I present you the charts and threads necessary for a cross stitch tapestry. The Cross Stitch Tapestry is named Daisy Duck and it’s a cross stitch mode is designed for beginners in the art of cross stitching.

The completed size of the cross stitch is 15 x 20 cm, and the threads you will work with will have 12 different colors. You must use Coats-Puppets threads and you should use 25 count cloth.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Before you start working you should have a look at some cross stitch instructions presented on our blog.


Daisy Duck


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thread necessary symbols charts order chart9 chart8 chart7 chart6 chart5 chart4 chart3 chart2 chart1


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