Counted cross stitch set – The Fern Gatherer

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryDear visitors of our blog and website, today we will present you another counted cross stitch kit that belongs to our catalog, it’s name is The Fern Gatherer and it’s created after a painting that was made by Charles Sillem Didderdale, English painter with Russian origins that lived in the XIX-th century between 1830 and 1895.




The subject of this tapestry is a young country girl returning from field work, she is carrying on her back a basket with fern and she holds in her left palm a little twig with small roots. We can say about Didderdale that he’s a pioneer of modern environmentalism, through this painting he succeeds to emphasize the place and role of the man in nature.

The fern carried on the country girl’s back is used to feed both man and domestic animal, this way man profits from nature, and the little twig in the palm of the young girl represents the future and it’s humans responsibility to cultivate and nurture the natural factors so that future generations can gain from the gifts of nature.


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The relative large number of colors, 70, makes this tapestry a real painting with the needle, being hard to distinguish between tapestry and real painting. It’s size is 30 x 39 centimeters and like all our kits, this set is made with cross stitch charts.

The counted cross stitch kit code is 627 and can be found in the Portraits category of our website or accessing to following link: Counted cross stitch set – The Fern Gatherer

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