Counted Cross Stitch Set – Snowdrops

sigla vectoriala gobelins tapestryDear cross stitch lovers, in this article we will present you another counted cross stitch kit design by Gobelins Tapestry kits, it’s name is Snowdropsand you can find it it in the Flower section of our website.

The subject of this design is a basket full of snowdrops, and the predominant colors are green and white. Snowdrops are springs first flowers, they are also known as “beautiful girl of February” or “emblem of early spring”.




One legend says the when she arrived on Earth, Eve was gloomy with memories of Paradise, she never saw a flower since she and Adam wore banished from Heaven, all Earth was covered with snow. Seeing this God sent one of his angels to comfort her, he captured a snowflake in his palm, blown on it, and when the released snowflake fell on earth it transformed in the first Snowdrop. This first flower raising humans hope.


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Dream interpreters say that if one should dream a snowdrop flower, they mean purity, renewal and new opportunities after difficult periods of time, an escape from darkness.

This counted cross stitch set has in it’s composition 34 shades of Coats-Puppets palette, it’s size is 30 x 22.5 centimeters, this kit is designed with A4 cross stitch charts and black and white clear symbols.

You can find this set searching by code 724 on our website or by accessing the following link: Counted Cross Stitch Set – Snowdrops.

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